100% Blind ONE PIECE Review (Part 23): The Wano Arc (Act 2)

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I've covered Dragon Ball primarily for years. I've covered pretty much the entire series and so I
thought this would be the perfect challenge. Something that's just crazy enough to interest me.
ONE PIECE! Eiichiro Oda's magnum opus and one of the longest running and certainly most popular manga series out there.
Today I'll be reviewing and giving my first impressions on the Wano arc Act

I've since completed:

PART 1 - Romance Dawn, Orange Town, Syrup Village & Baratie.
PART 2 - Arlong Park & Loguetown.
PART 3 - Reverse Mountain, Whisky Peak, Little Garden & Drum Island.
PART 4 - Alabasta arc
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PART 6 - G8 & Long Ring Long Land
PART 7 - Water 7 arc
PART 8 - Enies Lobby & Post Enies Lobby
PART 9 - Thriller Bark
PART 10 - Sabaody Archipelago
Part 11 - Amazon Lily & Impel Down
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Part 14 - Fishman Island
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Part 18 - Zou
Part 19 - Whole Cake Island Part 1
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Part 22 - The Wano Arc (Act 1)


-Queen's Funk (Cover by LunaKuartiX)
-Starless (Mix by MopeyKong)
-'Kizuna' (Cover byKyle Abbott and Patrick Oiye)
-Mission Theme 2 (Waterworld)
-Sprout Tower (Poke HeartGold)
-Encounter! Kimono Girl (Poke HG)
-Prelude to the Revolution (Ace Attorney 6)
-Kurain Village (Ace Attorney 6)
-Big Mom's Mixtape (By Bzaafied)
-Katakuri's Theme (Cover by nestorglass)
-CrapCook (Remix by KidoKat)
-Senpuutei Biifu (Ace Attorney 6)
-The Dance of Devotion (Ace Attorney 6)
-Warrior's Blue (Remix by MopeyKong)
-RuroKenshin Lost Remix
-Dance Theater (Poke HG)
-Snow (Katana Zero)
-Departure (Cover by Parker Milum)
-Smile (Cover by Yunuscan Kaya)
-Overtaken (Remix by HellboundDochi)
-The Sun Rises (Okami)
-Legend of the Martial Artist (Cover by Lars SorensenMusic)

Is One Piece all that it's cracked up to be? Or was it worse than I thought.
Find out this week as we dive into the massive pirate adventure with Luffy in Totally Not Mark's series review of One Piece. Part 23!




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