5 Cool Custom Sabers for Beat Saber!

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Lightsabers are cool and being able to use one that suits your playstyle and how you want to express yourself is important! Here's a small compilation of cool sabers I've found.

Intro - 0:00
Plasma Katanas - 0:40
Bane of the Hero 1:39
Lily Sabers - 2:25
Amfractus - 2:49
p7 HailStorm - 3:14
Outro - 3:50

Sabers shown in this video, in order:
Plasma Katanas by Ikeiwa:
Sadly these don't have a direct download link, they used to be included in the old custom sabers mod. Feel free to dm me on discord and I'll happily send the file to you!
Bane of the Hero by MaroonOut9:

Lily Sabers by LepLop:

Amfractus by Mdot & Dawn:

P7- HailStorm:

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