6 Freestylers vs 2 Fake Freestylers (Rocket League Odd Man Out)

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Rocket League has so many cool communities and the best one out there is the freestyling community. Today we are going to extend our series of Odd Man Out. This video features 6 freestylers and 2 fake freestylers in a game that is inspired by Jubilee. This video is a skill-based challenge where players will try and showcase their best shots while the fake freestylers do their best to blend in. There are multiple ranks in this video so I'm guessing that this will be the hardest challenge to distinguish who is who. These types of videos are so fun to plan, host and edit, so if you enjoy it, let me know if you'd like to see more in the future and how else I can spice this series up!

0:00 Intro
1:19 Ad
2:20 Round 1
5:07 Voting 1
5:42 Round 2
7:44 Voting 2
8:21 Round 3
9:23 Voting 3
9:54 Round 4
11:33 Voting 4
12:04 Surprise Round 5
13:54 Outro


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