Ash’s CHARIZARD/INFERNAPE RETURN, Crown Tundra, CHAMPION Iris, Project Mew + MORE - Pokémon Journeys

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✏️ Hey, what’s going on guys?! Today, Episode 63 of the Pokémon Journeys/Pokémon (2019)/Pocket Monsters anime aired in Japan! Besides this, a new special preview trailer was revealed revealing Project Mew, Ash vs Champion Iris, Gary Oak returning, Gary's Blastoise and Electivire, Ash and Goh returning to Professor Oak's Lab, Ash's Infernape returning vs Moltres, the reveal of Urshifu, Tsurugi, Asahi, Crown Tundra, Goh vs Regice, Ash's Pokémon returning, Iris' Haxorus, Dracovish vs Dragonite and much more! Make sure to comment below your opinion and suggest more Pokémon theories, speculation and videos for me.

Huge credit and thanks to all of the sources for providing some of the information for this video.

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