Biome Mapping with Carpet mod Script to make the Perimeter Floor Design

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In this video I show how I used Carpet Mod Script to map out biomes and use them as a floor design for the Passive Mob Perimeter on the Peaceful Series server.

Download Carpet Mod here:

Or on github:

Biome mapping using carpet script

Script Fill version:
/script fill ~ ~ ~ 8143 5 -10240 7520 5 -9425 "biome(_)=='jungle_edge' " magenta_terracotta

Script Scan version:
/script scan 0 0 0 8143 5 -10240 7520 5 -9425 if(biome(_)=='ocean', set(_, 'blue_concrete'))

Script run version:
/script run volume(8143, 5, -10240, 7520, 5, -9425, if(biome(_)=='ocean', set(_, 'blue_concrete')) ),

More information can be found in the Carpet documentation:

The SciCraft discord also has a help channel for Carpet Mod.

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