Can You Beat Far Cry 4 With Only A Machete?

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You can't deny that Far Cry 4 was arguably the best Far Cry 4 of all time. There are a lot of ways to approach any given problem in the game, but the last 25 years of my life have been kinda stressful. I wanna go back to a simpler time when people got their hands dirty. Can You Beat Far Cry 4 With Only A Machete?

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Can You Beat Far Cry 4 With Only A Machete? (in text form)

For the first time in Mitten Squad history I can say that this video is sponsored by Ubisoft. You've seen me play Elmo's Number Apocalypse, you know I love numbers, and Ubisoft loves them too. That’s why they’re donating $25,000 to Able Gamers, a charity that’s helped thousands of disabled people around the globe experience the kind of stories you can only find in world of video games. In addition to the massive donation, Ubisoft borrowed the machete they let me borrow from them to slash the prices Far Cry 3, 4, and 5 to an incredibly $3, $6, and $9 respectively. And with Far Cry 6 to to be born on October 7, you’ve got the entire summer to experience some of the most chaotic fun the world of video games has to offer. Use your favorite finger to click the link at the top of the video description to check out the games and for more information on where Ubisoft taking Far Cry next, make sure to tune into Ubisoft Forward on Saturday June 12th at 12PM PT. That’s 3PM EST if you’re in the bEST time zone.

Our story begins, as so many stories do, on the bus with an old man, a passport, and a monkey. You can think of Pagan Min as the moose in charge of our little mountain retreat. My escort and I signed up for 2 very different experiences. I wanted the torture, but he took it for himself and left me sweaterless with the disgusting ocean food. You don't eat what comes from the ocean, that's where the plastic lives. I left what's his name behind, Sable rescued me, I took my time walking to the car, didn't get to play with the elephant, I practiced not shooting anyone with a gun by not shooting anyone with a gun and got pretty good at not shooting anyone by the time I stopped not shooting anyone. A tree had a wild night and before I could spell machete I found myself ankle keep in a raging war for the nation Kyrat.
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