CHESTERFIELD | Award Winning Short Film

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After his friend leaves him stranded with a couch he bought online, Lewis is forced to drag it home across the entire city.

Director - Florence Soffia [Instagram - @florencesomeday Website - ]
Writers - Florence Soffia & Gabriel Patti [ ]
Director of Photography - Christoph Benfey @cbenfey
Producers - Florence Soffia & Gabriel Patti

Jaek Eastcott
Cameron Heres
Spencer Glassman
Andrew Norton
& Ben Harrison-Smith

Music by:
Dan Edmonds:
twitter - @danedmndsinstagram - @

Young Rival:

Aron D'Alesio:
twitter -

Sasha Slafarski:
Instagram - shout out to Future Of Film Showcase & CBC Canada for their continued support!
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