Damn, This Superman Inspired Game Looks Absolutely Bonkers!

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It wasn't all that long ago where people were speculating that Warner Bros. had somebody working on a Superman game behind the was of course before we found out about Gotham Knights and The Suicide Squad game which more or less put those speculations to bed at least for now.

But there is a reason that those speculations arose and it's not just because people are tired of Batman. People really just want a Superman game. There’s genuinely an audience for it. While there are mountains of reasons for developers to pass up that minefield of potential mistakes, and with the Nintendo 64's attempt at one being one of gaming's greatest blunders, there's no denying that the appetite for a well-made Superman game definitely exists.

There's good reason for that too. The character of Superman and the power fantasy that he embodies does seem to lend itself well to the gaming medium, at least conceptually, despite crossing into them so rarely. Well it seems that at least for now that Vantan Game Academy in Osaka Japan Has an answer for this problem that sheds more light on the potential for a great Superman game then perhaps anything else ever has.
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