Destiny 2: The Best and Worst Warlock Exotics - Armor Tier List 2021

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Your turn, Warlocks. Let's review your new and old exotics and make sure everything is updated.

As you can probably imagine, the exotic landscape hasn't shifted dramatically over the past year and if you've been playing for the past year, you probably know that already. Thus, I do not anticipate this list or video really teaching players who have kept up with Destiny over the past year. too much. This video is more for returning or new players looking to get some insight and for archival purposes to look back on the history of exotics in Destiny 2.

My ratings can be found below and as usual, most ratings have a bit of wiggle room, usually a half point in either direction. However, there are not many things that I think deserve a considerable move, over points, in either direction. While the list is always up for personal interpretation, this is just MY personal list. Keep in mind that the list is based on many factors, but it generally directed at the average player. While certain builds and loadouts may be effective, they need to be effective to a wide range of people, in a wide range of activities or overwhelmingly dominant. For the most part, exotics are judged on their perk and not many other factors, if any.

PvE tier list (weighted towards Legend/Master PvE, more towards group than solo) out of 5:

5 - Phoenix Protocol
- Geomag Stabilizers
- Mantle of Battle Harmony (overvalued?)
- Aeon Soul (group only), Sunbracers, Contraverse Hold (maybe should be higher)
- Skull of Dire Ahamkara
3 - Stormdancer's Brace, The STAG, Lunafaction Boots, Sanguine Alchemy, Nezarec's Sin
- Crown of Tempests (higher for solo/less difficult), Necrotic Grip (higher for solo or with Thorn)
- Ophidian Aspect, Eye of Another World, Felwinter's Helm, Verity's Brow
- Transversive Steps, Getaway Artist, Dawn Chorus, Apotheosis Veil
2 - Karnstein Armlets, Claws of Ahamkara
- Chromatic Fire (too low?), Winter's Guile (much higher in melee friendly content), Starfire Protocol
- Promethium Spur, Vesper of Radius
No Rating - Astrocyte Verse, Wings of Sacred Dawn

PvP tier list, out of 5:
- Ophidian Aspect, Transversive Steps, Geomag Stabilizers (swap)
- Karnstein Armlets
3 - The Stag, Mantle of Battle Harmony
- Getaway Artist, Contraverse Hold, Claws of Ahamkara (w/ Stasis)
- Nezarec's Sin, Apotheosis Veil (swap), Skull of Dire Ahamkara (swap only rating)
- Sunbracers, Necrotic Grip (undervalued?)
2 - Eye of Another World, Crown of Tempests, Chromatic Fire
- Sanguine Alchemy, Verity's Brow, Phoenix Protocol
- Promethium Spur, Winter's Guile, Lunafaction Boots, Dawn Chorus, Felwinter's Helm, Stormdancer's Brace
1 - Starfire Protocol, Vesper of Radius
No Rating - Aeon Soul, Astrocyte Verse, Wings of Sacred Dawn

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