Discord News: CallMeCarson Discord Server DELETED

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Earlier today, CallMeCarson's Discord Server was deleted among allegations of illicit conduct towards fans.

The discord server, which had over 386,000 members and over 1400 boosts, appeared to have had its ownership changed from CallMeCarson before Carson left and the server was deleted.

CallMeCarson's server, the "CallMeCarson Discord Cult" was one of the largest servers on the Discord platform. It was home to content creator Carson King, who goes by "CallMeCarson"

Before the discord server was deleted it hosted active voice chats, giant giveaways, and held a huge userbase.

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Note: As of the publishing of this video, there has been no statement from Discord, but we will update when further information presents itself.

Link to the victim's twitter thread:
Link to slimecicle's statement:

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