Finally, a tour of my very small, self built, minivan camper van

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I am still tinkering with the van build, but it is pretty much complete now, so I have finally filmed a tour of the van.
This very small camper van was self build by me over the course of a few years, with lots of trips and camping weekends in between to test things out.
It has been a delight to work on and fine tune the van, and a delight to camp in.
The van is a 2012 Grand Caravan and the whole set up; bed for two, storage, kitchen and electrical system can be completely removed from the van, without a trace.
It has a bed that folds into a couch, a kitchen with thermoelectric cooler, butane stove and storage for all our food. We also have lots of storage under the bed and in the built in storage under the floor behind the front seats.
I have installed an electrical system with a sealed lead acid battery (AGM) that is charged from three sources; from the engine, from the solar panels and it can be plugged into a 110 volt outlet if one is available.

I have made several videos detailing how I build the different parts of the van:
Making the sliding bed base:
Bedside storage:
Window covers:
Front curtain: and
Insulated curtains:
Electrical system:
Auxiliary solar panel set up:
Mosquito screens:
Side door screen:
Back window screens:
Kitchen boxes:
Cooler insulation:
Cooler thermostat:

bedside reading lights:
Red light Flashlight:
head rest fan:
12v laptop charger:
Nylon bags:
Battery monitor:
Outlet for Genius charger:
USB sockets:
150 amp circuit breaker:
Battery isolator:
Fuse box:

Koolatron battery saver:
Charge controller:
50 Watt solar panel:
100 watt solar panel:
Folding table:
Butane stove:
Koolatron cooler:
Poo powder:

Welcome to a very small camper van, my channel all about my very small camper van - a minivan being transformed into a diy camper. #vanlife #minivancamper
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