Friday Night Funkin' Vs. Hex Mod (Friday Night Funkin Week 1 Mod Showcase) FNF

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Disclaimer: I did not make the modpack, credits to YingYang48 for making this modpack. You should really check it out!

In this video I'll show you this cool mod on Friday Night Funkin' featuring Hex made by YingYang48, replaces Dad sprites and week 1 background.

Mod description:
What's this? On a sunny week near the basketball court a tall figure approaches you. It's Hex! This robotic lookin' fella challenges you to a battle. Unlike your previous rivals though there seems to be no bad intent coming from him. Or is there? Either way, battle is a battle, and your Girlfriend is here to watch how you win!

I will try to make more FNF content, I hope you enjoy it!
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