JEBUS HAS RETURNED?! ~ Vtuber Reacts to FNF VS Jebus Mod(Jeb) ~Full Week~ Hard

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Today I reacted to the CRAZY FNF VS Jebus mod (Jesus, Jeb, or the Savior from Madness Combat) for Friday Night Funkin full week on hard mode. The jesus fnf mod ost songs for lyrics and animation are called Deicide, Blasphemy, and Wreath. Jebus, Jesus, or the Savior is a character from the madness combat series that fights against hank, who in turn fights against it is AWESOME. Now we need the fnf auditor and fnf deimos mods to be complete! Jeb is quite the character! Jebus has as grand entrance in Madness Combat episode 1, so it is amazing to see the way that fnf vs jesus has taken over! Although it was a joke mod, I would really like to see them make the full week with a do over song, because the first fnf jeebus song was amazing! There was also a feature with pico in the end, and then I drew jebus. With that said, I hope you enjoyed the mod! Take care
~Kikyo Berry


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