Love is, Love does - Peter Tanchi - The Love Series

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What is love? Is it a warm, fuzzy feeling? Is time slowing down when you meet "the one"? The world will try to tell you what love is but the only way to know for sure is to look at what Scripture says. Tune in as we take a deep dive into REAL LOVE - what it means and how it changes our lives.

8:12 - God’s Love (True Love)
8:53 - 1. True Love is an Unconditional Commitment
18:36 - 2. True Love is Towards Imperfect People
23:49 - 3. True Love is To Seek Their Highest Good
25:08 - Testimony Sharer (Margaret Faith Cao)
34:52 - 4. True Love often Requires Sacrifice
36:46 - 5. True Love will result in God’s Glory
50:22 - Discussion Questions
51:31 - Sunday Fast Track

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