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Jama’a masu kallo barka da zuwa a Tashar AREWA TV. Muna matukar godiya don kasancewan ku da mu da kuma kallon Fina-finain Hausa daga wannan tasha.
Wannan Tasha ta Arewa TV zata rika kawo muku fina-finai masu kayatarwa da nishadantarwa Da kuma ilmantarwa!!!

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Without you we wouldn’t have been where we are today. You all are the reason for our rapid growth and expansion.
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As you all rush to watch IZZAR SO EPISODE 35 ORIGINAL check out our latest upload ... A 2020 Latest Movies filled with great action, passion, Love, Romance, Suspense, Humor and many more, from your favorite actors like Adam A Zango, Rabilu Musa Ibro, Ali Nuhu, Jamila Nagudu, Rahama Sadau, Sulaiman Bosho, Aisha Tsamiya, Hafsat Idris and many more.)

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