Me, a travel vlogger, roasting what's in my suitcase for 15 minutes

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Ok, so we got genius mushrooms, ground turmeric, everything but the bagel seasoning — Here’s the official tour of how I furnished my 1 square foot apartment!
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The credit card I use (Chase Sapphire Preferred) - You get 60,000 points if you spend $4,000 in the first three months (so it's smart to get this when you're about to buy a big trip, or move into a new apartment, and are going to spend the money anyway). 60,000 points can amount to at least 2-4 "free" flights depending on where you're going. I get 15,000 points if you complete the offer (I 'all IDK my head already hurts from all of this and I would much rather be reading in a park rn)
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