MK Shaper/Stutter - Reaper script for quick envelope operations.

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MK Shaper/Stutter is a script for quick envelope operations based on transients or rhythm grid.

-The script is based on the time-tested MK Slicer.
-Completely non-destructive audio processing based on envelopes manipulations. Realtime envelope operations.
-Basic operations: Transient or Grid shaping (Ableton Sampler like), emphasizing or suppressing attacks, shortening the tails of sounds, gating percussion, steady rhythmic pulsation (stutter), sidechain pulsation based on transients or grid. Working with the grid also includes triplets and swing.

-Ability to work with multitracks. Ability to work with many items. Ability to work with MIDI items (only in Grid mode).

Script available via ReaPack

How to install:
1. Go to and download file regard of your system

2. From REAPER: Options - Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder
3. Put the downloaded file in the UserPlugins subdirectory

4. Restart REAPER.

5. REAPER: Extensions - ReaPak - Browse click to open reapack.
6. Find and install MK Shaper/Stutter

More info:

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0:00 - Basic Operations
1:12 - Shortening Tails, De-Reverb
1:41 - Snare Gating/Shape
2:29 - Remove Snare from Overhead
3:22 - Sidechain
4:23 - Stutter Fade-In
4:50 - Basic Stutter
5:30 - Stutter (Pseudo Reverse)
5:55 - Add Some Pulsation
6:30 - FX
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