Monster School : RICH Good Herobrine LOVE CURSE POOR Bad Baby Zombie Challenge - Minecraft Animation

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Monster School : RICH Good Herobrine Boys LOVE CURSE POOR Bad Baby Zombie Girls Apocalypse Challenge Family vs Family in Funny Minecraft Animation.

Today in the video I have prepared for you minecraft animation funny about rich baby herobrine boys and love curse apocalypse which was arranged by the witch and gave them challenge against poor baby zombie girls life. girls vs boys as bad family and also bad mother brewing will be the poor vs rich family which will be for good parents. In monster school, there are sad stories and also love stories in a new video by new minecraft animation game minecraft. All episodes among us of the love curse video can be viewed below, thanks MinPew and also BigSchool.

The first part :
The second part (SADAKO vs KAYAKO) :
The three part :

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