Naruto & Shikamaru Stop Gaara from KILLING Rock Lee in the Hospital, Naruto understands Gaara's Pain

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Naruto is laying in the Hospital and has been for 3 Days and Nights. Shikamaru is looking after him and staying with him in the Hospital. After Naruto wakes up he realizes that he hasn't been training and wasted his time. Sakura also goes to visit Lee again.

Gaara appears in Rock Lee's Room and intends to Kill him but before he could do anything, Naruto & Shikamaru appear and stop him from doing anything to him. Gaara explains how he got like that and why he want's to keep killing. He always was alone and felt hated just like Naruto did. That's why Naruto understands him. Gaara attacks Naruto & Shikamaru but Guy interferes and stops him. Gaara promises that he will kill them.

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