Naruto's WORST Fear-The Revival Of Isshiki Otsutsuki-The Otsutsuki Who Almost KILLED Naruto!

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With Naruto now unable to access the power of Kurama and Sasuke unable to use the rinnegan in order to protect Konoha, Konoha seems to be more vulnerable than ever before. There are two cyborgs more powerful than Jigen, the sibling duo of Ada and Daemon, and once Code gets his limiters removed, Code will possess power beyond Jigen as well. However, if that wasn't a big of an enough problem, a re reading of Isshiki Otsutsuki's death and the moment where Isshiki appeared in front of Code provides another plot Otsutsuki has been preparing himself for a way to return to life and access his full power, which Amado stated if this happened there would be no one strong enough to stop Isshiki , it won't be a revival that relies on those ramen bowls and tell your friends to bring a friend for this latest discussion of Boruto Naruto Next Generations!
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