NYTT LAND - Ritual (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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NYTT LAND state:
"All our songs are, first of all, our personal experience, how we perceive reality around us. Ritual is the release of inner, primal energy through music, words, dances and images. This is what the world and the universe was born into. And we want to share our part of this energy with you."

NYTT LAND about the video:
“The destinies of people and gods spin like threads. They are intertwining with each other in patterns and each of them is unique. The women who spin them are silent and in the hands of each of them is the thread of someone's life. To some they give good luck in battle and victory in war, and to others death. And only they decide which thread to twist further, creating the main drawing of the great canvas of life, and which one will break off with a thin nap.”
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