Project Hospital | New DLC - TRAUMATOLOGY - First Look ????????

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Today we have our first look at the brand new DLC for Project Hospital - Traumatology Department. ????????

The DLC will be coming out October 20th 2020! ????

Thank you to Oxymoron Games for the early key! ????

???? Traumatology Department is ready to save lives of the most severely injured patients! This expansion of Project Hospital brings 42 new diagnoses, helicopters, new equipment and events.

Most critical cases will now arrive in a helicopter, new equipment includes wheelchairs for transport of patients with lighter wounds, special equipment and new decorations.
The DLC also introduces new graphics and animations for injured patients, including visible wounds, you'll see patients leaving with bandages or walking with crutches. Note: wounds can be hidden in options using the 'Show blood' checkbox.

New challenging events focused on the department let you deal with the consequences of different disasters, accidents or crime.

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