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Hi guys!
I hope you all are having an ok new year so far! I filmed this video about a month ago and have only just got around to uploading it, but I have decided that I want to start using up more products in my collection by doing a project pan! I've never done one of these before (even though I did attempt to do one in 2020, but lets face it, nothing went to plan in 2020!). So I have picked out 21 products that I want to try and pan throughout 2021! Most of these I plan to hopefully pan completely, but a couple I will be happy even just hitting pan on. I want to try and use as many products in 2021 that I already own, instead of buying new all the time. I'm going to be doing updates on my instagram (links below), and I'll do a final update video at the end of the year to see how I've got on!

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What I use to make my videos:
Camera - Sony A5000
Editing software - Filmora9

Business email: glitterlipsbeauty@

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