Resident Evil 8 Village Final Boss - How to beat Mother Miranda

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Mother Miranda Final Boss in Resident Evil Village
How to beat Mother Miranda
Normal form
She'll spin up and dash towards you, so run to the side when you see the tell. But don't turn around immediately. Miranda modifies the dash with one or two spinning melee attacks. Run for a little longer than you think you need to, and be ready to throw up a block just in case. Pepper her with the shotgun or handgun when you can.

Her other big attack in this form is the root splooge. She'll call up massive black roots, so check the floor to get out of the way, then get one of them between you and her. She'll pop into the air, spin up, and spray molten goo everywhere. When she drops, she'll pause for a bit. Get some shots in.

Spider form
As intimidating as Miranda's sharp legs look, this form's pretty simple. She'll perform three primary attacks, most of which you can avoid by running to the side of the arena. If she rears way up she's getting ready to march forward, swiping along the way. Run to the side and she'll stop for a minute, opening up her body for a couple shots. She'll rear up much faster if she's going to do a quick jab, but the same rule applies. Run away and to the side.

The big one to avoid: she'll leap up to a platform above the arena, and if you're fast you can get a rifle shot in here. Then she'll jump down and try to crush you. Running forward and under her didn't work well for me, but, once again, running to the side did the trick. Shoot her while she recuperates.

Flying form
The pistol's your friend in this form. Miranda will take flight and summon three gooey orbs. Pop them quickly before she sends them down at you. One pistol shot each does the trick. All the while she'll dance around in the sky, so pepper her with pistol shots when you can. If she does a corkscrew, she's getting ready to dive bomb you. When you see the tell, run to the side immediately. It's fast
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