Siri on iOS 15 vs Google Assistant on Android 12 - Did Apple Close The Gap?

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This is an early comparison between Siri on iOS 15 and Google Assistant, Apple claim 12 new improvements including offline support, better context understanding, announced notifications on AirPods, better sharing and contacts referring.

These features are not new to Google Assistant so, do you expect Apple to close the gap this year and surprise us with iOS 15?
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***Time Codes***
0:00 - Intro
0:33 - Preparation
1:06 - Siri Offline Commands (Siri vs Google Assistant)
3:24 - Siri Speed Test (Siri vs Google Assistant)
8:02 - Siri Sharing & Refer to contacts (Siri vs Google Assistant)
9:36 - Siri Maintaining Context (Siri vs Google Assistant)
13:09 - Siri Announce Notifications (Siri vs Google Assistant)
13:46 - Siri Scheduling Commands (Siri vs Google Assistant)
14:31 - Summary
14:45 - Outro
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