Very Good budget Scan Tool for Toyota owners and Lexus owners

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A Toyota master diagnostic technician reviews a very good budget scan tool for Toyota owners and Lexus owners.

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In this video I respond to an invitation from a company called Carista to review their OBDII scanner. I normally would recommend you get the cheapest scanner you can find as most of the cheap ones do the same thing. The professional grade scan tools typically are the ones that are capable of doing the work that people look for and they usually cost a lot and don't make financial sense for DIY mechanics or even car owners and enthusiasts.

However this one is different and I was really impressed by it's features. I review the tool and highlight some of the most impressive features.

Highlighted features:

1- Toyota and Lexus customizations. These are settings that you can change to customize your car options. This is typically reserved for the ultra expensive and dealers exclusive Tech stream, however this small inexpensive scanner can do the same thing on models supported.

2- TPMS sensor registration on models supported. This goes without explanation as one visit to the dealership to program a sensor will pay for this scanner!

About the only thing I don't like about the scanner is the monthly subscription but I do understand the company's business model as they offer a lot with this tool.

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