Vigil: The Longest Night Review: Compelling Metroidvania

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Vigil: The Longest Night Review: Compelling Metroidvania. In this Vigil: The Longest Night Review, we’ll be discussing a new 2D Action RPG that is inspired by the likes of Castlevania and Salt & Sanctuary. Vigil was developed by Glass Heart Games and published by Another Indie. If you’re into exploration, challenging boss battles, and discovering secret areas and hidden loot, then strap yourselves in and let’s discuss a game that does all of these things pretty damn well.

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0:00 - Vigil the Longest Night Review
0:19 - Story and Setting
1:58 - Gameplay and Level Design
5:22 - Audio and Visual
6:00 - Replayability and Pricepoint
6:44 - Final Thoughts

Developed by: Glass Heart Games
Published by: Another Indie
Release date: October 14th
Platforms: PC (review platform)/Switch
Price: $ USD

In Vigil: The Longest Night, players take on the role of a newly trained Vigilant, Leila who returns to Maye Town for the birthday of her sister Daisy. As she journeys back to Maye, she meets a mysterious person called The Lantern Keeper who tells her about the Vigilant’s Trial that she must complete in order to end the ritual and the Longest Night.

Vigil: The Longest Night is a 2D Metroidvania game that is inspired by Castlevania and Salt and Sanctuary, so when it comes to level design, expect that there are hidden paths, countless secrets, multiple locked areas or unreachable platforms, and just a whole lot of exploring to do that will force you to keep going back to certain areas to find what you missed the first time. The key to fully understanding the story of Vigil is to thoroughly explore each location, and speak to every single NPC you encounter. Apart from trying to complete your trial as a new Vigilant, you’ll be taking on quests and tasks that are given by the townsfolk of Maye.

Vigil: The Longest Night is priced at USD which is a reasonable price considering the large amount of content that the game has to offer, and Vigil does feature NG+ for those who wish to continue playing after they finish their first playthrough. In NG+, players get to carry over all the equipment and items obtained during the first playthrough, current player level, and unlocked skills. If you’re a completionist and you’re into exploration, then you’ll have a sense of achievement for completing the game, as well as beating the game on the Hard difficulty.

As a Salt & Sanctuary fan, Vigil: The Longest Night has been on our radar for quite some time since it was announced back in 2019. The mild horror and thrilling vibe that the game leans toward is what drew me to it originally, on top of the common elements that I usually look for in a 2D ARPG Metroidvania game, such as an exquisite design, a unique score, exploration, and customization.

Despite having the lack of voice-overs in NPC dialogues, missing content with regards to the lore, and some minor errors in the written dialogues and descriptions, Glass Heart Games has done an excellent job in delivering a Metroidvania game that’s worth the money and your time. The pace of this game just keeps you immersed, and it continuously builds up as you reach the end. And on top of that, completionists like myself will be compelled to replay Leila’s adventure just to discover secret sections and find hidden loot. If you want to take a break from online games, if you’re itching to play a 2D Metroidvania game like Salt & Sanctuary but haven’t found one, or simply want to hop into a world that leans heavily on exploration and challenging combat, then you might want to check out Vigil: The Longest Night, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Vigil The Longest Night will be releasing for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on October 14th for a retail price of USD. We’ll be streaming it on Twitch around then, and we’re already working on the Wiki for the game as well.

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