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Today is Wednesday and CrossFire Philippines just had its regular maintenance day every two weeks. For the latest updates CFPH just released a new Gold Rush VIP Items and Package. We start of with the M82A1-Obsidian Beast-Legendary which costs 2800 Gold Coins or 1400 Ecoins and AK-47-B-Legendary-Red which costs 2400 Gold Coins or 1200 Ecoins. The promo duration is from February 10-24, 2021. CFPH also released 2 new packages. The first one is the Legendary Mode Package which costs 617 Ecoins and Legendary Weapon Package which costs 2860 Ecoins. This package contains the 2 new VIP weapons mentioned above. CrossFire Philippines also released the Valentine Collection Lotto. No information yet on what are included on this new lotto. The new lotto costs 18 Ec for 1 spin, 72 Ec for 5 spins, 138 Ec for 10 spins and 390 for 30 spins. Lastly CFPH released new system and these are the Rank Match Season 9 Rewards, VIP Option Upgrade, Clan System 2nd Improvement, Event Reward Message Notify, Kill Combo Effect and New C4 Skin Item Function. This is only the brief summary of the latest updates on CFPH and stay tune for part 2 and the full details on other updates. I will also spin or buy the new VIP depending on the situation. Rest assured that I will provide you the best content on this new update. In this video I am going to buy the Legendary Mode VIP Package and show what's inside the new VIP Package. I will also spin the Legendary VVIP Lotto in the hope's of winning the jackpot. Luckily, I managed to win the Barrett-M82A1-Obsidian Beast-Legendary in this video. I am so happy about it and I stop spinning the new VIP Lotto. I will continue it in the next video and I will do a game play on the Barrett-M82A1-Obsidian Beast-Legendary on part 3 of this video series. I will also spin the Valentine Collection Lotto later and I hope you stay tune for that. I am so happy today and I hope that you spin also this new VIP Lotto. Best of luck to all of you and I hope that this video could help in your goals on achieving it. For the full details just watch the whole video and comment down below. That's it for this video and I do hope you like my video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more CFPH Updates and Uploads. Thank you and Stay Safe at Home. Stay tune for more uploads and giveaways.
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