Zibo-Mod Equivalent? A320neo Mod HUGE Updates (A32NX 0.2.0) - Microsoft Flight Simulator

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FlyByWire Simulations just released a massive update to their A320neo Improvement Mod. It's now in version and offers a ton of changes, moving us closer to a study-level plane.

Intro: 0:00
ADIRS: 2:00
Individual panel brightness: 2:30
Brakes gauge: 3:54
Chronometer: 4:40
APU ECAM page: 5:07
Automatic ECAM switching to Door: 7:00
Automatic ECAM switching to APU: 8:13
Realistic FLAP OPEN indicator delay: 8:40
Ground spoilers, seatbelt, no smoking switches / annunciations: 9:02
ND RANGE CHANGE indicator: 9:40
GPS status in ND: 10:08
Dummy airconditioning knobs: 10:45
Smoothened APU EGT curve: 11:20
Bleed ECAM page: 13:05
Battery voltage: 15:25
FCU brightness knob: 17:50
Increased size of Managed-mode indicators: 18:20
Overpowered engine thrust reduced: 20:17
Slats not automatically retracting?: 22:47
Altitude knob still requires explicit push/pull to reflect new altitude target?: 26:15

A320neo Improvement Mod by FlyByWire Simulations:
Detailed changelog:


My setup:
- CH Eclipse Yoke -
- Thrustmaster Hotas 4 -
- Thrustmaster Flight Rudder Pedals -
- TrackIR 5 (Head Tracking) -

Detailed PC specs are in my About page:

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