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"Why are we here?", "What is life all about?", or "What is the purpose of existence?" There have been a large number of proposed answers to these questions from many different cultural and ideological backgrounds. The search for life's meaning has produced much philosophical, scientific, theological, and metaphysical speculation throughout history. Different people and cultures believe different things for the answer to this question.

In simple life is all about finding happiness in little things.

In this film a man who is searching happiness in money and reputation and ignoring very important but little happiness moments of watch this movie to see what happens in the
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Film: Zindagi Zero Km 2

Cast - Sanjay Sharma, Rohit Vashisht, Harseerat, Vivek

Direction - inderpreet Rabab

Concept - Sanjay sharma, Inderpreet Rabab

DOP - CJ Singh

Post Prod. - Preet Rabab

Production - Kamaljeet, GDN

Label - ArtSquad Music

Project - Artsquad Media Pvt. Ltd.

Producers - Sanjay Sharma, Atul Goyal, Cj Singh and Inderpreet

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